Doodle – margin artwork

Today we are going to talk abo­ut… doodle. What is it? I am sure that each of us has drawn it once or twi­ce. It is an unco­nven­tio­nal form of art that can be found in note­bo­oks as well as urban infra­struc­tu­re. Pro­fes­sio­nal works of this type are even used in advertisements!

Good pattern

Pro­ba­bly, if Die­ter Rams had not beco­me a desi­gner, Apple pro­ducts would look com­ple­te­ly different.

Creativity does not stay in line with conventions

How many times didn‘t we express our opi­nion, becau­se we were afra­id of the reac­tion of people that sur­ro­und us? An opi­nion that was con­tra­ry to the opi­nion of the majo­ri­ty? How many times did this fear stop us from acting?