Everyone can copy… and should do it!

Is copying wrong? No, if we do it in order to learn something.

Imi­ta­ting good pro­jects can be a good les­son. When we try to reflect on a master­pie­ce, we learn how to pre­sent sha­pes, extract pro­per colors, and draw a per­fect line. Imi­ta­tion teaches us new tech­ni­qu­es. 

I wan­ted to beco­me a Gre­at Artist 😉 from that very moment, I star­ted the Aca­de­my. I wan­ted to cre­ate my own, ori­gi­nal works that would impress the world. It seemed to be a good direc­tion… I was incre­di­bly hap­py that I star­ted stu­dy­ing at the Aca­de­my of my dre­ams. To put it sim­ply, “suc­cess went to my head”. Luc­ki­ly, I had wise teachers. My art pro­fes­sor and year tutor has noti­ced my cra­ving for atten­tion. At first, she told me to learn tech­ni­qu­es of clas­sic and reali­stic dra­wing befo­re I reach for my ima­gi­na­tion. 

I remem­ber the question she asked me:

- Did Picas­so start by pain­ting cubic forms? Look at his ear­ly pain­tings and see how he could grasp reali­ty. How beau­ti­ful­ly he could reflect human ana­to­my, its featu­res, and characteristics.

Pablo Picas­so has shown arti­stic abi­li­ties from the ear­ly sta­ge of his life. It was noti­ced by his father, who star­ted teaching him dra­wing. At the age of 13, the appren­ti­ce out­did the master and the master alle­ge­dly made a pro­mi­se to with­draw from art, as he could never keep up with his son.

We can see featu­res of clas­si­cism in the ear­ly works of Picas­so. He pain­ted “Por­tra­it of Aunt Pepa” at the age of 14. It is a stri­king, reali­stic illu­stra­tion that has been dec­la­red one of the best por­tra­its in the histo­ry of Spa­in. Only after the clas­si­cist, blue and pink period did Picas­so start to expe­ri­ment with less obvio­us forms, such as cubism.

That conver­sa­tion made me reali­ze that, in order to be able to cre­ate new forms, I fir­stly needed to depict the world aro­und me. I star­ted sket­ching deta­ils, looking for pro­por­tions and wat­ching and appre­cia­ting works of gre­at masters of realism, whom I had unde­re­sti­ma­ted befo­re. I used to think that “any fool” could reflect reali­ty. That period of my life was a time of mode­sty and lear­ning. I copied, I repro­du­ced, and I stu­died the colors, tech­ni­qu­es, and sty­les of gre­at masters.

Repro­du­cing is natu­ral for all of us. From the day we are born, we start copy­ing our parents, friends, idols… we want to be like them. We want to keep up with them and the­re­fo­re we learn our own needs and desi­res. Only when we beco­me adults, do we want to be dif­fe­rent, excep­tio­nal, and admi­red. Reaching this sta­te of mind is a long and ardu­ous pro­cess. You can­not move a few years for­ward and skip uni­ver­si­ty, just as you can­not gain all the know­led­ge and skills within two days. It requ­ires years of prac­ti­ce and lear­ning. 

You can­not dece­ive time. Thus, we start lear­ning… by copying. 😉

The­re is nothing wrong with it, as long as we do not sign copied works as our own. 

In such a case, it is not lear­ning, but theft.

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about me

About me
ola /olga/ wróbel

Ola (Olga) Wróbel – born in Poland, a Polish painter and designer. She has painted and drew since childhood. She graduated from the Academy of Arts. After graduation, she started working as a designer. For many years she worked at the French television station CANAL+, where after a few years she held the position of Artistic Director. She was responsible for the image, the graphic design and maintaining the consistency of the TV station’s identification in Poland. In-depth studies of the work of Etienne Robiale started fascinating her and guided her further career path. For over nine years, she co-directs her own graphic studio, SOJUZ. She is responsible for design and illustration. Experience in graphical design has left a mark on her current creativity and creations.

She currently lives and works in Warsaw. She creates her paintings in her small studio in Saska Kępa. In 2018, she returned to the profession of an artist. Her paintings can be found in many private collections in Poland and abroad.




The foundation of my work is always a real pose which I’m trying to simplify over the years, striving to show the pure form. I’m not interested in details, but in conventional form, shape and functionality. I try to destroy reality, to blur the details of the drawing to express my visual point of reference to the human body. This is a surreal approach, in which I strive for total simplification. The human body in my paintings becomes inhuman. In the paintings, you can see a familiar, intimate pose, movement or activity that “I record” with a blotch. I’m constantly modifying and simplifying my paintings, striving for maximum simplicity, expressed in the form of my own organic abstraction, where the human body will be a blotch without any outlined details. My forms should dazzle with their shape and color, and permeate one another.

My paintings contrast with the contemporary concept of the perfect body. By simplifying the form I unify the human body. Details and characteristics fade away. Bodies become similar. In my body shapes I omit the heads, hands and feet, genitals and I get the effect of oval, organic forms. I place each of my forms in the space of gray canvas, thus thriving to obtain the absolute minimum of the influence of the outside world. Against the raw background of gray canvases, my organic forms and their function in the world exude their strength.


Actual Exhinitions

individual exhibition – Żywiołaki ziemi / Earthlings
Galeria Stary Ratusz, Olsztyn

group exhibition – SALON DAP. Wystawa Sekcji Malarstwa 2023 / DAP Gallery. Painting Section Exhibition 2023
ZPAP, Gallery DAP, Warsaw


Exhibitions Finished

2022, MARCH
curator / organization / group exhibition – Rewizje / Revisions
Gallery Pod okiem, Warsaw

individual exhibition – Ciało. Forma /Body. Form/
ZPAP, Gallery Lufcik, Warsaw

2007, APRIL
group exhibition
Gallery Pod Dachem Nieba, Ciechocinek

2005 JUNE
individual exhibition
Gallery Dorożkarnia, Warsaw

2003, MAY
individual exhibition of the Artistic Studio Bigos
Culture Club Anin

individual exhibition of the Artistic Studio Bigos
GOKRiS, Wiązowna

group exhibition – graduate works EAS
Gallery E.A.S., Warsaw

individual exhibition, artistic installation Poczułam życie jednym dotknięciem, /I felt life with one touch
Gallery, Cracow

individual exhibition, artistic installation Poczułam życie jednym dotknięciem, /I felt life with one touch
Gallery E.A.S., Warsaw




ola (olga) wróbel
artist, painter and designer

+48 663 441 066

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